Sunday, October 31, 2010

Roadkill Rescue

Last week was our neighborhood bulk trash pickup.  I drove around the 'hood hoping to find some good stuff like all of the people on my blog list do.  No such luck, but I did find this wooden shelf that I'm sure I can do something cute with.  So it wasn't a total loss.  Glad I could save it from the dump!

My tiny end table needed some sprucing up...

 I love this little end table, but unfortunately it had some water damage to it.  I decided to tape it off and get to work antiquing it.  I used 2 different paint colors and then distressed it with some stain.  I like the way it turned out.  Finished it off with 2 coats of poly and now she's good to go!!

A perfect chalkboard

 I found this "thing" at the thrift store.  I don't know what it was or is supposed to be, but I thought it would make a perfect chalk board for my pantry door.  I got it home and gave it a little TLC and now it's my perfect little chalkboard.  I love it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My first project

I found a coffee table at our local thrift store that I thought could use a little fixin' up.  I didn't like the price
though- $40!  Even the thrift stores in Hawaii are expensive.  They are way overpriced, but I guess they can afford to be that way since they have no competition.  I've never seen anything in there under $4.00.  Anyway, back to the coffee table.  I wish I had taken better before pictures, but this will have to do.  I was eager to get started.  I sanded and primed.  I learned some lessons, but then again that is the point- right?  I decided to stain the top and paint the rest.  I kept the original hardware, but spray painted it with ORB.  Here she is first in the garage, then in her new home (my living room). 

See my inspiration on the right

Lately I've had a fascination with blogs.  I've been stalking them daily with great anticipation to see what creations they've come up with overnight.  I realize that  their creations aren't exactly created in one night, but that is the way it seems in bloggerland.  So every morning after I take my kids to school, I find a cozy spot and curl up with my laptop and a Red Bull.  It's become a ritual.  Start from the bottom and work my way up.  You can see a list of them on the right under My Blog List.  I should warn you though that you might end up an addict like me.  A blog addict, that is.  From reading their blogs I've been inspired to turn my own trash into treasure.  Hence, the blog and the title.  I look forward to this adventure and I hope that I can sell some of my creations in the future.  Here goes nothing...