Thursday, October 28, 2010

My first project

I found a coffee table at our local thrift store that I thought could use a little fixin' up.  I didn't like the price
though- $40!  Even the thrift stores in Hawaii are expensive.  They are way overpriced, but I guess they can afford to be that way since they have no competition.  I've never seen anything in there under $4.00.  Anyway, back to the coffee table.  I wish I had taken better before pictures, but this will have to do.  I was eager to get started.  I sanded and primed.  I learned some lessons, but then again that is the point- right?  I decided to stain the top and paint the rest.  I kept the original hardware, but spray painted it with ORB.  Here she is first in the garage, then in her new home (my living room). 

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  1. Dayna, You were the winner of the Artograph Projector!! Hooray! Please email me at twicelovelyfurniture at gmail dot com so I can put you in touch with Artograph to get you your projector. :)


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