Monday, November 1, 2010

End table do over

 Got this little baby for $20.  Not as cheap as I would've liked, but cheap enough to be my first "for sale" project.  I picked out a cool blue for the color.  It's the same paint that I used in my old living room so it was free.  Free paint is the best paint!  Here it is after I painted, sanded, glazed and waxed it.

 I'm pretty proud of it.  I would've loved it in my old living room where it would've matched.  I plan to post it on Craigslist today and hope (fingers crossed) that I can sell it.  It would be my first sale!  If I could make money pursuing a hobby, well, that would be slightly WONDERFUL!  Not sure how much to ask for it though.  I don't want to ask too much.

I'm thinking $50?  Since I paid $20 that would still give me a $30 profit.  What do ya'll think?

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  1. LOVE it! Since I regularly flip furniture, I would suggest putting a blingy knob from Hobby Lobby on it, staging it next to a bed as a nightstand with some accessories, and maybe a basket underneath. Nightstands sell faster than end tables, in my experience. Then, list it for $65 and let people feel good about talking you down to $60. Thanks for linking this great project, Dayna!

  2. Thank you so much for the tips! I'm new at this and not exactly sure what I'm doing yet, but I love all of the blogs and inspiring pieces that I've seen. I was actually going to replace the knob, but I couldn't get the original one off! I wish I could scoot over to HL to grab some stuff (and max out a credit card while I'm there), but we don't have one in Hawaii :(

  3. Totally agree with Christa....stage it to sell! It looks really pretty, and I love that blue color! Glad you could Mi4M!

  4. Nicely done! Love the color and distressing!

  5. Your table looks very pretty, Dayna. Pretty blue and you did a nice job distressing it. I love Hawaii! What a lovely place to live.

  6. i also agree with christa about the pricing and the staging. love the color as well! i would stage it nect to a bed with a basket of magazines and a pr of fuzzy slippers (if you have any on hand!).

  7. Thank you everyone! I decided to take Christa's advice and try to replace the knob. Maybe it just needs a little elbow grease to get it off. I just found the perfect little fleur de lis knob on Ebay. So I'm going to wait for that to get here (in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), replace it, stage it (with all of your wonderful tips) and I'll post more pics before I put it up on Craigslist. I'm excited! Thanks a bunch ya'll for all of your compliments.

  8. One of my new favorite colors this Fall. You did a great job distressing it. Very pretty! I say you should keep pursuing your hobby.
    Wishing you much luck in selling and in future endeavors.
    Take care!

  9. Very pretty piece! Love the color and the idea of adding a little bling for the knob. Great find!


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