Friday, November 19, 2010

Robins egg blue cheval mirror

Just finished waxing this bad boy today.  I'm fixing to list it on CL and hope that it sells.  I also took more picsof the table, it's not the same color, but it looks similar.  I'm not good at the before and during pics, but here is what I did.  It was an orangey oak color.  It was mine, so it was free :)  I sanded the old finish off by hand and afterwards primed it.  The next day I painted all of the edges in a brown paint and later that night I sanded again.  The next day (yes, I rarely finish anything quickly) I painted it with the blue color and once that was dry I sanded the edges just enough to let the brown show through.  Once that was finished I used a little bit of gel stain to give it an aged appearance.  The following day (smile) I gave it a handrubbed wax with Minwax Paste Wax and finally I was done!  That didn't take me long, now did it?


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  1. I love both pieces! The blue with the stain looks amazing!

  2. You did a great job! I guess the blue ocean of Hawaii is a great inspiration! Jen

  3. Ohhh love those pieces! I really need a tall skinny mirror too. What a cool shape!


  4. Hi Dana,
    Sorry I took so long to respond to your question ~ I just saw it. :) You asked about how I finally got the wax to work on the pink dresser. Honestly, I'm still a bit nervous about using it again and wonder if I just finally lucked out and got it to work on like the 4th coat.

    I decided that it just probably wasn't dry long enough because I noticed that when I wiped my cloth to buff it out, the wax would just wipe completly wipe off in the areas that weren't nice and dry.

    When I did get it right, finally, it was beautiful and shiny, but it took so many tries to get it right.

    If you figure out something that makes the wax work, would you let me know? I emailed a few people about the same thing, too, but did not hear back.

    Have a great Thanksgiving! :)


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