Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Advice for a newbie?

I am amazed at all of the finds that I see on everyone's blogs.  AND so cheap!  Like an amazing buffet table for $30 or an ornate dresser for $15!  Granted, they need some work, but still they are great finds!  I search Craigslist and thrift stores and can't find anything like that.  Am I looking in the wrong place?  I go to garage sales, but we don't have any flea markets or anything like that in Hawaii.  IF I do find something that would look awesome refinished they want like $80 for it, and that's on the low side.  Usually its over $100 and I just can't afford to fork out that kind of money plus to resell it I would have to charge a fortune to make a profit and I don't see that happening.  What gives?  Any advice?  Thanks in advance!


  1. It's sometimes just the luck of the draw, I try to do about 8 garage sales in one morning, out of 8 you have to find something great right?
    Also we don't really have craiglist here, but I do get alot of bargains of Ebay, specially off people that don't know how to list things properly. Spend abit of time trying different searches in your area. My top finds are normally under "Dresser" "Bedroom suite" "chest" etc.
    I just got the bargain of the milenium off someone who listed a TONNE of furniture just under the word "Bedroom" muhahahaha!

  2. You just have to be patient. You won't always find what your looking for at the price you want it for. I don't use craigslist much because i live in a small town and all the craigslist ads are an hour away. But I do shop the local Salvation Army. Sometimes when I'm looking for something specific I'll go there every day in hopes that I'll find it. It's really hit and miss. Sometimes you'll find something you want to drag home and sometimes you don't. Keep at it. That's what junking is all about. It's the thrill of the hunt.

  3. Dayna,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You wanted to know how much I paid for the white credenza? It was $15 at Goodwill, and then I used my 20% off coupon, too! Yes, I am selling it! I kinda have to sell everything, as I am just starting out, too! :)

    I agree with the above comments. I usually hit at least a couple thrift stores 2 times a week. When you go often, you can just buzz through really quickly and spot new things that interest you. I might get lucky and find a couple pieces in a week, but I often leave without any new things, too.

    Garage sales are frustrating to me because you can go all morning and not find a thing. The good thing about g.s., though, is that if you do find something the price is usually so much more reasonable!

    I have a Maya ~close to your Mya! :)
    Great blog name, too!!!

  4. Hi, just flipping through, admiring your work. I see Freecycle is active in Hawaii - don't know how close to your location, but hadn't seen it mentioned.


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